The USA National Team was in fifth place in the Rio Olympics, higher than the other three participating teams. They won the 2017 WLSF held in South Africa, beating England and Germany, the respective gold and bronze medal winners in Rio 2016.The team recently beat Japan 6-1 in Rio Olympics GL, and 1-0 in WLSF QF.In the 2018 World Cup, the team could not proceed to the final tournament and ended up in 14th place. The young average age of the members might have been the reason why the team could not demonstrate its full potential.

World ranking:12th place (as of 2018.8)

[Main results]
One bronze Olympic medal (1984)
One bronze World Cup Medal (1994)
Two bronze medals Champions in Champion’s Trophy (1995, 2016)
Two gold medals in Pan American Games(2011, 2015)